Who Shot The First Honor Scores In Fond Du Lac?

  • First 800 – Ed Darnick (812) – April 10, 1981 – Wirtz World 5-Star Classic League
  • First 300 – Earl “Skip” Hintz Jr. – January 28, 1963 – Parkway Classic League
  • First 299 – Guy Freeman – February 25, 1963 – Parkway Classic League
  • First 298 – Gordy Zwicky – April 15, 1962 – Parkway Classic League

Note: There are news articles written that there were 300’s and an 800 shot before the 1950’s but no official association records have been found to verify the scores.

Who Was The First *200 Average Bowler In Fond Du Lac?

In a FDL Reporter article by Kevin Keane, who talks to FDL Association Hall A Famer and secretary for 33 years, Les Shirey, the first bowler to average 200 was Lawrence “Laurie” Mertz. (Year Unknown) In a search of Fond du Lac association average books back to 1950, it was found that in the 1951-52 season Walter “Speedy” Keip and Gary Kirchoff topped the 200 mark. Speedy Keip averaged 203 in the G&L Mixed League (51 Games) and Gary Kirchoff averaged 200 in both the Alhambra Good Mixers and the Arcade Couples League. (42 Games Each) It was not until the 1961-62 season that the 200 mark was hit again. That year, Ken Seehaver averaged 201 in the Arcade 3-Man Scratch League. (112 Games) Speedy Keip did it again in the 1962-63 season acheiving a 202 mark in the Arcade Businessmen’s League (96 Games)

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Facts Courtesy of Dave Wightman